How would you answer these :

  1. Do I know exactly what my IT operations are costing me?
  2. Can I measure the return on my investment?
  3. Are my IT assets being used to their full capability?
  4. Do I have the most appropriate IT vendors?
  5. Is my IT Operation compliant to generally accepted Corporate Governance guidelines?
  6. What risks exists within my IT Operations that could significantly and negatively affect my business?
  7. Do I have all the relevant Policies and Procedures in place to help manage my risks?

Vantage360 has many years of experience in establishing and running IT Operations in various industries and organisation sizes.  We can provide you with a cost-effective and independent assessment of your current IT Operations.

You will receive a the following feedback :

  1. Summary of your IT costs in terms of current spend and projected budget for the remainder of the financial year.
  2. Prioritised Risks and possible mitigation actions.
  3. Prioritised list of Policies and Procedures that either need to be modified and implemented.

Depending on the size of your organisation this Assessment should take about 2 weeks of on-site work followed by a week of documentation and consolidation.

Please contact us on to discuss the details of your situation and where we can help through this assessment.